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Every  fisherman’s Hook & Leader Holder

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About Us

Available Now The Banana Strings Hook & Leader Holder

We are in production right now. We only had a limited number made up for trial and testing. But after such a great response from everyone who tried the BananaStrings, we decided to proceed to the manufacturing process.

Visit the Order Page and place your order. If your a fisherman then you know that this is one thing in the box that you need to have.

Hi my name is Andy, I'm here to introduce you to a new product that all fishing enthusiasts will appreciate.

As fishermen we use many products and we are always looking for that something to give us an edge whether it is a technique, bait or storage product. We have all bought something to help us gain an advantage in the sport. We are always looking for a better way to do things.

Anglers look to reduce or eliminated stress.

Stress, which leads to frustration is the number one enemy of all fishermen, without stress the fishing trip is much more enjoyable which allows the anglers to focus on the fishing.

This hook & leader holder has a revolutionary design never before seen. It allows you, the fishermen to focus on fishing and not worry about having deal with old tangled leaders or trying to remember if you have another new rig to open in the bottom of your tackle box.

It gives you piece of mind before your trip that you have what you need just by looking and the Bananastring Hook & Leader Holder in you tackle box or storage compartment on the boat.

Over the past few years I have been looking through tackle shops for products that would make my time fishing more enjoyable and fun. Unfortunately, I found what has always been there, plenty of antiquated products on the shelves that have not stood up to the test of time and are still produce because nothing better has been invented.


So I started analyzing some of my past trips focusing in on the areas that I believed could be improved with proper equipment.  The most logical place to start the tackle box and the way we store our hook & leaders.

As fellow anglers can attest, we have always had a problem with storing our hook & leaders in a way that the hooks would not rust and the line did not kink.

It had always frustrated how many times I would throw out my better fluke rigs because I couldn’t store them in a way that would maintain the hook & leader to function as designed.

If you wrap them in a circle the leader retains the loops and the bait spins (creating the wrong action to catch fish)

If you place them in a bag/plastic holder they tend to tangle and kink rendering them useless (another $5 down the drain).

The same goes for bluefish, pan fish and any other hook & leader terminal tackle, I I was tired of throwing away money every time I purchased rigs.  

You know what I am saying, you take out 1 hook and the rest of the leaders would tangle and kink or the open pack is left on the bottom of your tackle box and usually winds up rusting and in the garbage.  Rusted hooks are dangerous and damaged leaders lose big fish.

Think of it, you buy a pack of 5 hook & leaders and you use 2-3 on the trip, and throw the rest into your tackle box.

The hooks sit in your tackle box for a short time and the moister in the box starts the rust cycle. The leaders get tangled and kink and you wind up throwing them out, money down the drain.

So as they say “If you can build a better mouse trap”.

Well I know I have built not only a Better hook & leader holder, but also the Best on the market.

After several years and many attempts I finally created a product I felt was worthy of anglers everywhere, and set out to have it made.

I submitted the patent application in early 2010 and was granted a patent on my product design in November of 2010.

I re-engineered the Hook & Leader Holder to enhance the fishing experience for anglers everywhere. It is the easiest and most versatile holder you will ever use. You simply place the hook on the head of the holder pull the leader around the holder as many times as necessary and set the leader into the rubber line holder, it is that easy.

The “BananaStrings” Hook & Leader Holder has been designed to hold up to a dozen hook & leaders of various sizes.

The bright yellow color was chosen insure that whether on a boat, in the surf or on the shoreline, if the holder wound up in the drink you could always locate.

The color is easy to see from a distance and it is designed to float.

The product is highly resistant to the natural elements, specifically the 2 most damaging of all, sunlight and saltwater.

I created this product to last, it has been tested in high temp storage areas of 200F, sub freezing temperature storage areas at 20F and extended exposure to sunlight.

I would like to thank you for visiting and learning about my product.

So, go-ahead buy 1, 2 or more, a fisherman will always find they can use a few.

Thanks for stopping by,

Andy Z…..