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Every  fisherman’s Hook & Leader Holder

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Our Mission

What’s in a name?

BananaStrings-> the namesake of the company started with the Hook & Leader Holder.
As I was designing the holder I new it needed to be long enough for basic leaders but also thin to fit in most tackle boxes, and I also wanted it to float.
After the basic design was completed I started thinking about the problems that plague all fisherpersons; losing tackle overboard, being knocked or drop into the water so it needed to float and the next step was to figure out the color.
I decided that the brighter colors, possibly fluorescent’s and that type or color would be best to locate anything overboard or in the wash.
After making the first prototypes, I was trying to figure out how I would secure the leader lines into place.
I set up the leaders in the first line holder design and as I was scrutinizing the design I notice that different leader sizes resembled the string of a guitar.
As I was joking with myself as I was a little over tied from the nights work I also notice that the holder itself with the bright yellow color reminded me of a banana.

This newly re-engineered hook & Leader Holder and 3 years later the company was now know as BananaStrings.

That’s what’s in a name…………Banana(Color) Strings(Guitar Strings)

The BananaStrings™ Company was created with the sole purpose of developing products that enhance the fisherman’s pleasure of the sport.

Our love for the sport of fishing will guide us in developing products that provide all fishermen with products that make fishing more focused and enjoyable.

How did I get my start?…..

How many times have you been out fishing with not a lot of time left and just when your getting those great strikes you have to start fumbling trough a mess of tangled lines and leaders in the tackle box.  Yes I have done it hundreds of times. Well it finally got to me and I started looking for something to help me organize all my leaders. But, I found nothing. So that was the start. I had to develop something helpful to make fishing totally fun again.

 We make fishing fun again. Or should I say the BananaStings Hook & Leader Holder makes fishing fun again.

Our goal is to create, develop and manufacture world-class products for all skill sets from beginner to professional.

Our products enhance the functionality of each system we design to meet your needs.

We will continually and aggressively develop new products to meet our customer needs.