BananaStrings™ is made to be right there for you when the action gets hot. Plus it’s the easy organized way to pack up all the gear and close down to head home after a long day of fishing…

What Angler's are saying….

“Works great, Glad I found this.”
….Tony S.

“Helped me out on the last trip I was on. When we ran into a Bltz, this saved me tons of time.”
…. Phil, Cape May, NJ

“Worked great, now putting two more on board.”
…. Lucky Seven - Wildwood,NJ

“ Andy, this was perfect for my last canoe fishing weekend. Really helped me out in that confined space”
Dave - Scranton, Pa

“Thank you Andy, now I can see into my tackle box without leader string all tangled up all over the box.”
….. Tim, Newport, RI

“What organization!! I have all my leader lines set up and ready to go. Whatever we start to hit, its easy to grab the banana Strings.”
Barnegat, NJ

“Hey Andy, thanks to you and Bananastrings, I landed this big one after breaking my line in the weeds, I was able to quickly get another hook on the line before this one got away.”
— Patty M.

The day of being better prepared and organized with your fishing tackle is finally here.

The Final working Product

The Bananstrings Hook & Leader Holder is a patented design.

The latest Pictures are in….

Kayak Trip in South Jersey.

Report is that Bananastrings

Worked great.

Easy access, good location,

Changing up hooks was Smooth and Easy.

Banana Strings Hook and Leader holder on Kayak trip

Designed by fisherman for the enjoyment of fishing.

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